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ConnectMaster™ is an advanced software solution for the planning, engineering, documentation and management of telecommunications networks that ensures the complete, consistent and transparent geo-referenced mapping of telecommunications networks, covering all outside (OSP) and inside (ISP) plant devices, active and passive components and their services. Through an intuitive interface, ConnectMaster™ offers comprehensive functionalities for queries, reports and schematic representation.


ConnectMaster™ enables the integrated management of the whole lifecycle of your telecommunications networks.


Design Automation | Engineering Validation | Construction Plans | List of Materials


Maps | Work Orders | Connectivity Plans | Deployment Management | Commissioning


Physical and Logical Inventory | Resource Control | Capacity Management | Auto Route


Failure Simulation | Fault Finding | Maintenance Events | Customer Communication


Viability | Resource Reservation | Statistics | Portfolio Management | Client Management


The process between the purchase of a comprehensive software for network inventory management such as ConnectMaster and the beginning of operations only takes a few weeks and is done in 4 steps.


The full suite of software applications is installed on a local server, on a trusted machine within the client's own framework.


Component library configurations, definition of naming rules, symbology, and structuring of the network architecture.


All existing electronic information can be leveraged and Netcon’s team will do all the consolidation and migration of files from pre-existing formats to ConnectMaster.


We create customized trainings focused on the company's network environment, being this the last step of the implementation process done by Netcon team's before the go-live.


Explore all possibilities of using the most comprehensive Telecommunications Network Management system on the market with Features, Integrations and Customizations


This is the essential module of ConnectMaster and is required to activate the resources for the management of physical inventory.


This module allows the management of logical resources of the network, such as circuits, routing, services, etc.


Support for network operation and maintenance. ConnectMaster has a global database that allows easy navigation.


Real-time interface integration. ConnectMaster connects to management systems for network upgrades.


This module controls the operations that users and/or groups can perform on specific areas of the database.

GEO Modules

GIS embedded in ConnectMaster. GIS data storage. GEO: Geographic Database Support.

Design & Planning

Creation of projects and new data in the system. ConnectMaster has tools for quality planning.


End to End View

The End-to-End view allows to follow a service in two dimensions: Horizontal: Follow a data transmission link from port to port of the multiplexers Vertical: Look inside the sections which fibres, cables, ducts and routes a data transmission link is using.


ConnectMaster™ is a standard software solution for the management, planning, engineering, design, documentation and maintenance of infrastructure communications networks. ConnectMaster™ As part of the main or Key Features we have the “OTDR”, which in according with the distance information of the OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer) measurement in the path detail, an OTDR marking is set on the line object on the marking level. This Key feature part of Connect Master, quickly identifies the location of a fibre break by entering OTDR measurements.

Auto Routing

ConnectMaster also has an Automated routing engine complete with a wizard to guide the user through the process of finding the optimal connection route between end devices. The Auto-routing Wizard has a variety of criteria options for identifying the path you are looking for.

Impact Analyser

The Impact Analyser is a powerful operational tool that takes an object as its input and then calculates what service impact will occur if this object was to go faulty or taken offline for maintenance purposes. The analyser verifies protection protocols and reports if a loss of protection has occurred or if bandwidth has been reduced in circumstances like LCAS (Link Capacity Adjustment Scheme).

Planning Layer

Planning Layer(s) are designed to separate planned data from as-is data in one single database. Multiple Planning Layers can be setup easily and assigned to one or a group of network designers. ConnectMaster functionality is available without any restrictions (Engineering, API, Import/Export). After planning is done, reviewed and accepted, it can be committed to the core network to make them visible to all users.


Users now have the ability to use google maps as a background layer, as well as use the Google address search and address at coordinate services. Connect Master also includes Google Services, which allow the users to search using “Address search” and “Address at location”. Users can now view the Street View of a location from within ConnectMaster by clicking on a spot within the Geo View. Users can use the Address at Coordinate service to determine the address at a specific point. User can use Google Routing to find the optimal path between points for new cables.

Field Service Client

ConnectMaster™ has a Web client for mobile use in order to support external/on-site technical services. In order to fulfill complex planning, analysis or documentation tasks, the use of the full ConnectMaster™ Windows-Client is a good choice. Field Service Client access to the central ConnectMaster™ network inventory database with every device running Web-Browser (mobile or desktop) to view geographical, schematic and tabular network data e.g. logical and physical path details as well as schematic rack views.


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Unique solutions for different demands of the electricity sector.

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Oil and Gas

Telecommunications in compliance with regulatory frameworks of the sector.

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Specialization in support and control of energy concession.

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Modern solutions for the utilities market.

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Telecom Operators

Lifecycle management of telecommunications networks, leading to CAPEX and OPEX reductions.

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Data centers

Our solutions enable the management of all network inventory in one place.

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Smart Cities

Management of infrastructure and connectivity projects for Smart Cities.

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More monitoring and more security with CCTV systems and Network Management.

Netcon - Imagem Levi Lins, from Telecommunications Access, highlights ConnectMaster’s Document Management

Levi Lins, from Telecommunications Access, highlights ConnectMaster’s Document Management

Coordinator, Telecommunications Access (Pernambuco, Brazil).

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Netcon - Imagem Frederique Bertucci, from Ensite, highlights the speed of ConnectMaster

Frederique Bertucci, from Ensite, highlights the speed of ConnectMaster

Network Manager of Ensite Brasil (Sao Paulo).

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Check out the highlights of our participation in Futurecom 2018

We were present at Futurecom 2018 to present ConnectMaster news with our experts Eduardo Langrafe, André Camargo, André Ribeiro and Eduardo Fanelli.

Netcon Introduces ConnectMaster News at FUTURECOM 2018

Highlights of our participation in Futurecom 2018. The event was very good, with a super busy stand and many customers and companies came to know more about ConnectMaster.

Andre Laporte from West Group talks about ConnectMaster

Andre Laporte, CEO of West Group, was at Netcon's booth during Futurecom 2018 and recorded for us this testimony telling us how the adoption of the ConnectMaster tool in network documentation and management has transformed both operations and the way we do business. of the company.


During these 3 days of the ANDICOM Congress in the city of Cartagena we have been launching the CM Online module of ConnectMaster and also the "Dashboard" for the Latin American market. These developments have aroused great interest from customers and other participants of the event.

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Conheça o software líder em automação do planejamento e documentação de Redes FTTx


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