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Functionalities, Integrations and Customizations

Explore all the possibilities of using the most comprehensive Telecommunications Network Management system in the market. In addition to modules that fully integrate all stages of the telecommunications network lifecycle management, with the support of the Netcon Americas’ team of specialists, it is also possible to make integrations with legacy systems and develop customizations so that the entire system operation fits the needs of the business. Find out more about the most popular modules and their functionalities.

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Key Features

Physical Module

ConnectMaster™ provides a mechanism that allows the creation of components from models and their distribution across the location system and other components. The location system is a configurable hierarchy of locations that adjusts to the way clients view the network. Each component category has a set of specific telecommunications functions that support operational and project requirements of any entity with a network infrastructure. Some of these functions include: connectivity management, list of photos and documents, change history, list of materials and work orders, VLAN settings, and more.

Logic Module

This module allows the management of logical resources of the network, such as circuits, routing, services, etc. In addition to the Logical Base Module, it is necessary to choose the modules according to the required technologies to be managed. Some of these functions include: Ethernet management with IP and VLAN, TDM (mobile / SDH / SONET / PDH), WDM, OTN and MPLS.

Operational Module

ConnectMaster™ has a global network database that enables easy navigation from physical infrastructure to customer services, and vice versa. Some of these features include: impact analyzer, event and schedule management, power management, change management, and the online version of ConnectMaster.

Integration Module

One of the key features of ConnectMaster™’s logical management is the ability to connect to online network management systems to synchronize an up-to-date representation of the network. Some of these functions include: API, CSV Importers, Data Adapters (EOL), DSEs and plugins.

Administration Module

This module controls the operations that users and/or user groups can perform on specific areas of the database. Additionally, this module keeps track of activities that alter data in the system. Some of these functions include: extended user rights, network segmentation, historic module, and TS support.

GEO module

Use of Oracle for GIS data storage. Geo: Geographic Database Support. Some of these features include: GIS module, oracle spatial database, Bing / OSM mapping, Google Maps, and support ESRI file.

Design & Planning Module

ConnectMaster™ has numerous planning and project tools that simplify and expedite the entry of new data into the system and the generation of high quality projects. Some of these functions include: project management, visio drawing automation, drawing management, FTTx Rapid Network Planner, auto route and work orders.


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Unique solutions for different demands of the electricity sector.

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Oil and Gas

Telecommunications in compliance with regulatory frameworks of the sector.

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Specialization in support and control of energy concession.

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Modern solutions for the utilities market.

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Telecom Operators

Lifecycle management of telecommunications networks, leading to CAPEX and OPEX reductions.

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Data centers

Our solutions enable the management of all network inventory in one place.

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Smart Cities

Management of infrastructure and connectivity projects for Smart Cities.

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More monitoring and more security with CCTV systems and Network Management.

Netcon - Imagem Levi Lins, from Telecommunications Access, highlights ConnectMaster’s Document Management

Levi Lins, from Telecommunications Access, highlights ConnectMaster’s Document Management

Coordinator, Telecommunications Access (Pernambuco, Brazil).

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Netcon - Imagem Frederique Bertucci, from Ensite, highlights the speed of ConnectMaster

Frederique Bertucci, from Ensite, highlights the speed of ConnectMaster

Network Manager of Ensite Brasil (Sao Paulo).

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Check out the highlights of our participation in Futurecom 2018

Netcon presents new features of ConnectMaster at FUTURECOM 2018

Andre Laporte from Grupo West talks about ConnectMaster


ConnectMaster Live Demo - 31 de JULHO de 2018 (PT)

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